Toll Plaza Information

Govindpur (Murli) ( BOT (Toll) )
Km 602.200 - NH-NH 122 (OLD NH 28) in Bihar
Stretch :
Km. 576.600 to Km 627.163
Tollable Length : 50.563 Km(s)

Fee Effective Date : 01-Apr-2023  /  Due date of toll revision : 31-Mar-2024

Type of vehicleSingle JourneyReturn Journey Monthly Pass Commercial Vehicle Registered within the district of plaza
Bus/Truck145.00 220.004895.0075.00
Upto 3 Axle Vehicle160.00 240.005340.0080.00
4 to 6 Axle 230.00 345.007675.00115.00
HCM/EME230.00 345.007675.00115.00
7 or more Axle 280.00 420.009345.00140.00
Date of fee notification03-Jul-2013 (Sr No. - S.O. 1989 (E))
Commercial Operation Date09-Jun-2016
Fee Rule2008 as amended
Capital Cost of Project (in Rs. Cr.)354.00
Cumulative Toll Revenue (in Rs. Cr.) 209.18 (For Entire Project Stretch) As on :30-Jun-2023
Concessions Period21
Design Capacity (PCU) NA
Traffic (PCU/day) 12858 As on : 09-Jul-2023
Target Traffic (PCU/day) NA As on : 09-Jul-2023
Name of Concessionaire / OMT Contractor Ms KNR MuzaffarpurBaranui Tollway Pvt. Ltd.
Name / Contact Details of Incharge Sh. Anand Mishra / 7905978944

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    • Monthly pass applicable for locale non-commercial vehicles :Rs.330/-(with in 20 km)
    • The Concessionaire shall issue  50 or more one way tickets at a discounted rate equivalent to 2/3rd of the fee payable during the period of one month form the date of payment of fee. The amount indicated is for monthly pass for 50 one way trips. However, if any person asks more than 50 trips during a period of one month,the Concessionaire shall be required to issue such tickets at a discounted rate as above.

    Facilities available near Toll Plaza

    Rest Areas : 1
    Truck Lay byes : 2
    Static Weigh Bridge : 1


      Important Information

      Helpline No. : Crane-7808908005, Ambulance -9939703080, Route Patrol-7808908005
      Emergency Services : 1033 108 112
      Nearest Police Station: Bachhwara / 9431822844
      Highway Administrator (Project Director): Sh. Ram Prit Paswan / 8368983537
      Project Implementation Unit(PIU)PIU Darbhanga
      Regional Office(RO)RO Patna
      Representative of ConsultantSh. G. S. Reddy
      Representative of Concessionaire: Sh. Binod Kumar Dubey / 7310379734
      Nearest Hospital(s): P.H.C. Bachhwara 06279236025